The Back Whisperer

Dr. Stuart McGill's groundbreaking research moves us away from curl-ups, hip flexion and trunk crunches. AQX aquatic core exercises show you how to safely, effectively, improve functional core strength.


AQX Online Theory Exam

Successful completion of this AQX Theory exam requires a score of 80%. AQX Certification also requires successful completion of a practical exam.


AQX T4T is a private course for AQX Trainers • Included: adult education strategies • Proven learning activities • Reflect and practice your skills • Prepare for 1:1 coaching from your AQX Master Trainer.

AquaBility Theory Exam

The AquaBility theory exam is your pathway to AQX AquaBility Certification, Level 1. It is completed after the AquaBility course or independent study. 80% constitutes a pass.