AQX Bust-a-Move:

Creative combinations maintain participant challenge and interest. Comfortable transitions reduce joint stress, and foster a sense of flow. This course shows you the how and why of smooth-flowing aqua choreography.


AQX Best Teaching Tips

Experienced or new aqua fitness leaders: AQX Trainers offer their best teaching tips for YOU. Earn 4 CECs while learning excellent info to help your participants succeed while you stay safe. Refresh your skills, or prep for AQX certification!


Haven't Got Time for the Pain

Pain is exhausting and frustrating. It reduces or eliminates your enjoyment of life. This course shares simple tips and tricks to re-train your brain and reduce your pain.


SAS: Self-Assisted Stretch • Self-AquaStretch

Decrease tension and pain • Restore comfortable movement • Speed recovery • Solutions for water and dry land • Excellent for individuals, exercise instructors, trainers and therapists.


BackSplash Core Training

Dr. Stuart McGill's groundbreaking research moves us away from curl-ups, hip flexion and trunk crunches. BackSplash aquatic core exercises demonstrate safe, effective ways to improve functional core strength. Ideal for people with back pain!


Success Tips for Aquatic Clients

Immersion facts • Best practices • Power Posture • Useful videos, handouts & links • Great info for clients & health professionals.