You Will Learn

This course will make you a better instructor

  • The importance of smooth transitions, and how to achieve them!

  • A variety of choreography techniques you can tailor to your class and your style.

  • How to make the best use of music for aqua fitness and theme choreography.

  • How to be more creative and blast boredom from your pool!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to AQX Bust-a-Move: Choreography & Transitions

  • 02

    Body Balance

    • B-1. Body Balance Intro

    • B-2. Teaching Power Posture

    • B-3. Power Posture Alignment Tips - Downloadable PDF

    • B-4. Avoiding Overuse of Hip Flexion Movements

    • B-5. Hip Flexion Alternatives Worksheet

    • B-6. AQX Aquatic Overload: A Unique Perspective

    • B-7. Examples of Unique Movement Stategies

  • 03

    Smooth Moves

  • 04

    Let the Music Move You

    • D-1. Musical Notes

    • D-2. The Phrase that Pays

    • D-3. Keep the Count

    • D-4. Rhythm Play

    • D-5. Foot Notes

    • Quiz #2

  • 05

    Movement Patterning

    • E-1. Linear Progression

    • E-2. Add-Ons

    • E-3. Repetition Reduction

    • E-4. Block Technique

    • E-5i. Theme Choreography

    • E-5ii. Theme Choreography Examples

    • E-5iii. Downloadable Theme Choreography Chart

    • E-6. Insertions

    • E-7. Base Move Plus

    • E-7i. Downloadable Base Moves Plus Planning Sheet

    • E-8. Turns/Facing Different Directions

    • Quiz #3

  • 06

    Creative Contemplations

    • F-1. You are Creative!

    • F-2. Use your 'risk muscle'

    • F-3i. Beware of 'Groupthink'

    • F-3ii. Groupthink Download

    • F-4. Explore other Movement Modalities

    • F-5. Brainstorm--all ideas are good!

    • F-6. Practice!

    • F-7. Movement Combo Practice Sheet

  • 07

    Boredom Blaster

    • G-1. Buoyancy

    • G-2. Range of Motion

    • G-3. Accentuation

    • G-4. Tempo

    • G-5. Travel

    • G-6. Surface Area Factors (SAF)

    • G-7. Coordination Challenges

    • G-8. Brain Challenges

    • G-9. Cue using verbal, visual and kinesthetic

    • Quiz #4

  • 08

    Wrap Up

    • H-1. Wrap up

Marianne Duschek & Connie Jasinskas

Instructor Bios:

Quote: "If you don’t have time for your health today, you won’t have health for your time tomorrow."

Marianne Duschek has been a fitness professional for nearly 30 years, working in private clubs, community centres and corporate environment. She started as a volunteer group fitness instructor at AMEX where she became the Fitness Director.

Marianne is a popular, sought-after group-fitness instructor in a wide variety of classes, including: Aqua fitness, cycling, hi/lo aerobics, BOSU, and muscle conditioning.

In 2000, Marianne produced her own stretch CD, which was featured in local Toronto media, appearing on City TV’s Breakfast Television and Rogers TV.

As an experienced Movement Motivator, Marianne has published several articles in fitness magazines. Additionally, she offers personal training to clients ranging from apparently healthy to those with diabetes, Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension and cardio-vascular disease.

Marianne has presented workshops at CALA and OSHF Conferences as well as training colleagues and educating members.

Marianne's educational background includes:

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Psychology) University of Toronto @ Scarborough

Certifications: CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist

AQX Certified Aqua Fitness Leader

AQX Trainer

Urban Poling Nordic Walking Certified Instructor

Schwinn Cycle Instructor

BoneFit Trained

Marianne Duschek

AQX Trainer

Marianne Duschek & Connie Jasinskas

Instructor Bios:

Quote: “We care about every participant we teach, and we care about YOU, their instructor. By offering research-based, high quality training, our goal is joyful improvement and better health through movement.”

Connie Jasinskas brings decades of experience, passion and humour to her work as an international health and fitness educator. She is a popular author, conference presenter and speaker, as well as an award-winning innovator in therapeutic aquatics.

In 2011, Connie created the AQX aqua fitness leadership training and certification program, offering facilities the opportunity to train and certify aqua fitness staff in-house. Now available in 5 Canadian provinces, and Iqaluit, Nunavut, AQX training is highly respected for providing practical, affordable excellence in aqua fitness leadership.

AQX training courses and programs are constantly expanding and adapting to instructor needs. Specialty courses through AQX include: AquaBility (gentle aqua fitness), AQXonFloats (floating fitness classes), AquaNatal, AquaTots, AquaStrength, Apah Aquatic Yoga, and AquaCycling.

To adapt to global need, our specialty programs are available through a combination of on-line, virtual, and on-site training.

At home in Cambridge, Canada, Connie provides therapeutic aquatic exercise, pain education programs, OsteoFit classes, Training for Trainers, and instructor certification in a variety of specialties. She is a faculty member of ATRI - Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute. Connie's depth of experience and enthusiastic approach to active learning have delighted learners on four continents and in numerous countries.

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Education: H.B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. (Exercise Physiology)

Qualifications: Certified Exercise Physiologist, Aquatic and Rehab Specialist

Proprietor: For the Love of Fit (

AquaStretch™ Author and Facilitator-Trainer (

Author, Master Trainer: AQX Leadership Excellence Course, AQX Training for Trainers; AquaBility, and AquaNatal; co-author of AQXonFloats, AquaCycling and AquaTots Leadership Training and Certification courses

ATRI Faculty ( Tsunami Spirit Award winner (2014) for innovation in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation

Connie Jasinskas

AQX Founder, Master Trainer