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Aqua Choreography & Transitions

Course Reviews:

sylvie pouliot

A great course for new and experienced instructors!

What a great course for new and experienced instructors! Thinking back when I was learning how to be an aqua fitness instructor myself, I wish I had this to help me on my learning journey.

Monique VanderLinden

A must for all instructors!

For those of us who get a little stuck or bored with our routines, this course will get your creative juices flowing again!

Kathleen Aubry

Great Combinations

This a great course for all levels of experience! Providing creative and safe ideas for those new to the deck, and awesome suggestions and reminders for those with experience who may be stuck to find new ways to get those flowing transitions our...

Tara Hayes

AQX Bust-a-Move: Tara Hayes

AQX Bust-a-Move delivers exactly as the name suggests, it busts you into a new way of thinking when it comes to building choreography for your aqua fitness classes. Whether you are new to aqua fitness or a seasoned instructor, it has something for...

Tamara Colaizzi

Excellent resource for the novice AND experienced instructor!

Congratulations on an excellent on-line course! Absolutely will be coming back to revisit the course next time I am feeling bored with my class routine. Straight forward information complete with videos. It is a fantastic review for experienced in...

Creative exercise combinations maintain participant challenge and interest. Comfortable transitions reduce joint stress, while fostering a sense of flow. 

Smooth, interesting movement patterns may seem effortless, but require instructor planning and skill.  

This course teaches aqua fitness leaders how to plan smooth-flowing choreography that is both interesting and challenging.  

Through video, audio, and written examples, learners will experience the thought processes used by successful, experienced instructors. 

“Choreography” in the context of this course, means the sequencing or patterning of movements.  There are many variables to respond to when teaching aqua fitness (including: pool temperature, water depth, participant and pool characteristics…).  Pre-planning movement sequences allows instructors to offer a well-structured class, while interacting with and coaching participants.  

Choreography isn’t about making your class complicated! It’s about creating smooth flow from one movement to the next – allowing your participants to feel successful, not frustrated.  

Experienced instructors have blocks of choreography in their brains, like memorized poetry. These building blocks can be re-arranged and modified as needed, to meet the unique needs of any group. Each instructor’s choreography is unique to their movement style, and will adapt to work with the music and class characteristics. 

Join us for a course that shows you the secrets of successful choreography. You will learn how to link base moves together, creatively, yet ‘effortlessly’. 

Your participants will experience the joy of well-sequenced movements. You will accomplish the goal of well balanced exercises, with the desired emphasis and overload. 

Whether you are a novice or experienced instructor, you will learn how to build and sequence movements that suit your style, and your participants’ needs. 

Throughout this course, you will be encouraged to move, to practice these skills, so you can layer in cueing, coaching, and your own personal flare.  Let the journey begin!

Learning Objectives:

1. Consider body balance: emphasis and overload the AQX way.
2. Apply the rules of smooth transitions.
3. Play with the rhythm.
4. Follow a structured pathway to effective Movement Patterning.
5. Think outside the box by exercising your creativity.
6. Blast out of your ruts and challenge your class the AQX way!

Course Curriculum

What's included?

4 Quizzes
35 Texts
7 PDFs
13 Audios
1 Presentation
Marianne Duschek & Connie Jasinskas
Marianne Duschek & Connie Jasinskas

About the instructors

Marianne Duschek

Quote: "If you don’t have time for your health today, you won’t have health for your time tomorrow."

Marianne Duschek has been a fitness professional for nearly 30 years, working in private clubs, community centres and corporate environment. Marianne started as a volunteer group fitness instructor at AMEX where she became the Fitness Director. Marianne teaches a variety of classes; Aquafit, cycling, hi/lo aerobics, BOSU, muscle conditioning are just a few examples. In 2000, Marianne produced her own stretch CD that was featured in local Toronto media, appearing on City TV’s Breakfast Television and Rogers. Marianne has published articles in fitness magazines. Additionally, Marianne offers personal training to clients ranging from apparently healthy to those with diabetes, Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension and CVD. Marianne has presented workshops at CALA and OSHF Conferences as well as training colleagues and educating members.

Education: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Psychology) University of Toronto @ Scarborough


  • CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  • AQX Certified Fitness Leader & Trainer
  • Urban Poling Nordic Walking Certified Instructor
  • Schwinn Cycle Instructor
  • BoneFit Trained

Connie Jasinskas           

About: Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc., brings over 30 years of experience, passion and humour to her work as an award-winning international health and fitness educator. She has developed a multitude of training resources, bringing laughter and learning to four continents and numerous countries. Connie created the AQX aqua fitness leadership training and certification program. At home in Cambridge, Canada, Connie provides therapeutic aquatics, pain education programs, OsteoFit classes, trainer development, and instructor certification in a variety of specialties. Her depth of experience and enthusiastic approach to active learning make her a sought-after course trainer, conference presenter, and keynote speaker.

Education: H.B.Sc.(HK), B.Ed., M.Sc. (Exercise Physiology)

Qualifications: Certified Exercise Physiologist, Aquatic and Rehab Specialist, ATRI Faculty

Proprietor: For the Love of Fit (

Inventor: The Wave Rider - pelvic flotation device

Author, Master Trainer:  AQX Aqua Fitness Leadership Excellence Course, AquaBility, AquaNatal, AquaStrength leadership training & certification courses

Co-author: AQXonFloatsAquaCycling and AquaTots leadership training & certification courses

AquaStretch™ Author and Facilitator-Trainer (

ATRI Faculty ( Tsunami Spirit Award winner (2014) for innovation in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation

Author: Prescription Laughter

Let's Connect:

Linkedin: Connie.Jasinskas

Twitter: @conniejasinskas



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