Course curriculum

  • 01

    Good to the last drop! Getting the most from your pool sessions.

    • A-1. Tips for using this course platform

    • A-2. There's no place on earth like being in the water

    • A-3. Motion is Lotion - You have to MOVE to IMPROVE

    • A-4. Useful Information Before You go to the Pool

    • A-5. More Facility Questions...

    • A-6i. Personal Prep for the Pool - What to Wear

    • A-6ii. ...More Personal Questions...

    • A-7. List of Helpful Information for Pool Sessions

    • A-8. Client Comments

    • A-9. Tell us about you!

  • 02

    Power Posture Will Change Your Life!

    • B-1. Power Posture - How to Align

    • B-2. Power Posture Alignment Tips

    • B-3. Posture in the Pool

    • B-4. Making Postural Habits Stick

  • 03


    • C-1. What is AquaStretch™?

    • C-2. Preparing for Your AquaStretch™ Session

    • C-3. What is Self-Assisted Stretch (SAS)?

    • C-4. More SAS

    • C-5. AquaStretch™ and Self-AquaStretch COPS

  • 04

    How to Master Your Fascia

    • D-1. SAS: Self-Assisted Stretch Based on Self-AquaStretch

    • D-2. SAS: Using Theracane for Upper Traps

  • 05

    Facts About Immersion and Aquatic Exercise

    • E-1. How Immersion Affects Your Body

    • E-2. More Info About How Immersion Affects Your Body

  • 06

    Finding Your Depth

    • F-1. Chest Deep or Deep?

    • F-2. Finding Your Depth: Chest Deep • Suspended • Deep

    • F-3. Keep Me in Suspense!

    • F-4. T-Test: Testing Your Flotation Options

  • 07

    Workplace Wellness

    • G-1. Work Pacing - Take a Break!

    • G-2. Workplace Stretches for People Who Work Seated

  • 08

    Useful links and resources

    • H-1. Useful Links

    • H-2. Other Courses for You

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Connie Jasinskas:

Quote: "People have been kind enough to call me a gifted educator. The truth is, planning and hard work create effortless delivery. My courses are designed to help you skip the experiential errors and succeed sooner. My mission is to help you be your best!"

Connie Jasinskas brings over 30 years of experience, passion and humour to her work as an award-winning international health and fitness educator. She has developed a multitude of training resources, bringing laughter and learning to four continents and numerous countries.

Connie co-authored AquaStretch™ Foundations, and created the AQX aqua fitness leadership training and certification program. AQX empowers facilities to train and certify aqua fitness leaders in-house. Numerous one-day specialty certification courses are available through the AQX program.

At home in Cambridge, Canada, Connie provides therapeutic aquatics, pain education programs, OsteoFit classes, trainer development, and instructor certification in a variety of specialties. Her depth of experience and enthusiastic approach to active learning make her a sought-after course trainer, conference presenter, and keynote speaker.

Education: H.B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. (Exercise Physiology)

Qualifications: Certified Exercise Physiologist, Aquatic and Rehab Specialist

ATRI Faculty

Proprietor: For the Love of Fit (

Author, Master Trainer:  AQX Aqua Fitness Leadership Excellence Course, AquaBility, AquaNatal, AquaStrength leadership training and certification courses

Co-author: AQXonFloats, AquaCycling and AquaTots leadership training and certification courses

AquaStretch™ Author and Facilitator-Trainer (

ATRI Faculty ( Tsunami Spirit Award winner (2014) for innovation in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation

Author: Prescription Laughter

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Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc.

Founder, Master Trainer