The Back Whisperer

Functional Core Strength Without a Crunch or a Tuck

Dr. Stuart McGill's groundbreaking research tells us that curl-ups, repeated hip and trunk flexion are not appropriate for land-based core training. Check out his big 3 core exercises for land training. 

We have translated these functional core exercises to the water! AQX core exercises strengthen the trunk in neutral. NO crunches. NO tucks. NO overused hip flexors! This is functional aquatic core training that follows the research!

This is an introductory course. If you enjoy this content, the full course, BackSplash, is available on this site. BackSplash is a longer, more detailed course, intended for movement motivators. BackSplash has more video footage and useful exercise recommendations.

What others have been saying about this course:

rachel murrey

The Back Whisperer

Easy to follow • great pics • under water footage

Monica Marquis

Cardio and core at the same time!

Current research translated and applied to aquatic fitness. I love applying best practice and staying current. Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Did you know that in some fields it takes 17 years to adopt new knowl...

Tara Hayes

BackSplash & The Back Whisperer

A great course which provides you with alternative ways to challenge the core with out compromising the back which is based in solid scientific research at its core. The videos provide a clear picture of the movement from all angles to ensure you...

Pamela Dunk

Title reminds us that our backs are a priority

Videos very helpful. Power posture - alliteration makes it powerful and easy to remember for participants. Including McGill's big 3 is key.

What's included?

3 Videos
2 Texts
2 Presentations
Connie Jasinskas, H.B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc.
Connie Jasinskas, H.B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc.
Founder, Master Trainer

About the instructor


“Always, my motivation is the welfare of the person seeking better health: people in rehab after injury or surgery, the inactive person hoping to create a positive change, weekend warriors, and athletes. By offering research-based, quality training for these individuals, as well as their instructors and therapists, my goal is joyful improvement and better health through movement.”   Connie Jasinskas

About: Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc., brings over 30 years of experience, passion and humour to her work as an international health and fitness educator. She is an award-winning innovator in therapeutic aquatics. Connie created the AQX aqua fitness leadership training and certification program, offering facilities the opportunity to train and certify aqua fitness staff in-house. AquaBility (gentle aqua fitness), AquaNatal, AquaTots, AquaStrength, AQXonFloats, and AquaCycling are all one-day specialty certification courses with the AQX program. At home in Cambridge, Canada, Connie provides AquaStretch™, therapeutic aquatic exercise, pain education programs, OsteoFit classes, Training for Trainers, and instructor certification in a variety of specialties. Her depth of experience and enthusiastic approach to active learning have delighted learners on four continents and in numerous countries. Connie is a sought-after trainer, presenter, author and keynote speaker.

Education: H.B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. (Exercise Physiology)

Qualifications: Certified Exercise Physiologist, Aquatic and Rehab Specialist

Proprietor: For the Love of Fit (

Inventor: The Wave Rider - pelvic flotation device

AquaStretch™ Author and Facilitator-Trainer:

Author, Master Trainer: AQX Leadership Excellence Course, AQX Training for Trainers, AQX Mentor & Assessor Training Course, AquaBility, and AquaNatal; co-author of AQXonFloats, AquaCycling and AquaTots Leadership Training & Certification courses

ATRI Faculty ( Tsunami Spirit Award winner (2014) for innovation in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation

Let's Connect:

Linkedin: Connie.Jasinskas



Visit and Like her FaceBook page: FortheLoveofFit

Instagram:  AquaStretchCanada

Instagram: AQX_AquaLeadershipExcellence

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