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AQX Trainers are a very special group of people! Each has a wealth of experience in course development and delivery. Each Trainer who has participated in this course, has volunteered her time to share experience and wisdom.

AQX Trainers are motivated to share their expertise with you. Why?

They want you to be a better leader. Why?  

Because they care deeply about everyone you teach!


Thanks to the AQX Trainers who volunteered to create this course (alphabetically):

Tamara Colaizzi

Marianne Duschek

Tara Hayes

Connie Jasinskas

Line Marr

We all want the best for our pool participants, and this is where it starts - with the professional development of each and every one of us.

Please feel free to use the Trainer contact info at the end of this course to connect with one of our amazing AQX Trainers. You will be glad you did!

AQX Trainer Team

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