AQX Theory Exam

Open-book theory exam • Half of the AQX certification equation!

Welcome! This theory exam is available to you as part of your AQX certification. We hope you will find the exam process thought-provoking, and more interesting than 50 multiple-choice questions on paper!  You are welcome to use your AQX manual for reference during this exam, but please answer the questions independently.  We want to know what YOU think!

In order to successfully complete this AQX theory exam, you must achieve a score of 80% or higher.  

You may be taking the AQX exam on-line for any of the following reasons:

  • Your AQX course was delivered by an in-house trainer rather than a visiting external trainer.
  • You chose to delay taking the exam at the end of the AQX course because you wanted more time to review the manual.
  • You may be doing a re-test in order to achieve the required 80% passing grade.

To achieve AQX certification, you must also successfully complete the AQX practical exam. The practical exam may be administered by an in-house AQX assessor, by a visiting assessor, or through on-line submission of your teaching video.

Video submission guidelines are available at the end of this exam.  You are welcome to submit a video for practical assessment for any of the following reasons:

  • You do not have an AQX assessor in-house.
  • You do not have an AQX assessor nearby or in your community.
  • You prefer to have an independent external assessor administer your practical assessment.
  • You are an AQX in-house trainer for your facility, requiring annual practical assessment by an AQX Master Trainer.

Fees for this exam are as published on this site, and payable before you take the exam. Should a re-test be required, the exam fee will be paid again.  

Fees for on-site or video practical assessment are separate, and will be pre-arranged before your assessment.

What others have been saying about this exam:

Marianne Duschek

Excellent Evaluation!

Questions were clear and concise. The wide variety of topics covered makes me feel confident that I have a good understanding of teaching Aquafit. Well done Connie!

What's included?

4 Videos
4 Quizzes
4 Surveys
2 Texts

Please get in touch with any questions. Get your AQX manual, get comfortable, and get started! The exam should take you less than one hour to complete.

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