AquaFITness 101: Taming Idle Talking

Putting the FIT back in aquaFIT!

Are you frustrated with participant inattention, talking and disruptive behaviour? You are not alone! This pervasive problem derails your class. Talkers aren't working, and that's not aquaFITness!

Are you being criticized for expecting people to listen, be respectful, and put some effort into their workout? Is social interaction more important than fitness?

Distracted aqua class chatter can be a VERY difficult challenge! Some facilities have a long-standing culture of this behaviour. Depending on the personalities involved, the problem can escalate into world war three! 

Relax! This course gives you practical solutions for your situation.  We will:

  • Examine participant expectations.
  • Consider instructor behaviours that do not work when addressing behavioural issues that disrupt the class.
  • Offer tried and true leadership strategies to focus your class and reduce distracting chatter.
  • Include a proven class handout that you can download, copy and share.

Whether you are an experienced or newly-hatched leader, distracted talking is important to you and the people you teach. This workshop is your key to effective aquaFITNESS, and a happier future!

What's included?

2 Quizzes
1 Survey
16 Texts
2.0 hrs
Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc.
Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc.
Founder, Master Trainer

About the instructor


People have been kind enough to call me a gifted educator.  The truth is, planning and hard work create effortless delivery. My courses are designed to help you skip the experiential errors and succeed sooner. My mission is to help you be your best! 

 Connie Jasinskas

About: Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc., brings over 30 years of experience, passion and humour to her work as an award-winning international health and fitness educator. She has developed a multitude of training resources, bringing laughter and learning to four continents and numerous countries. Connie co-authored AquaStretch™ Foundations, and created the AQX aqua fitness leadership training and certification program. AQX empowers facilities to train and certify aqua fitness leaders in-house. 

Numerous one-day specialty certification courses are available through AquaStretchCanada, and the AQX program. At home in Cambridge, Canada, Connie provides therapeutic aquatics, pain education programs, OsteoFit classes, trainer development, and instructor certification in a variety of specialties. Her depth of experience and enthusiastic approach to active learning make her a sought-after course trainer, conference presenter, and keynote speaker.

Education: H.B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. (Exercise Physiology)

Qualifications: Certified Exercise Physiologist, Aquatic and Rehab Specialist, ATRI Faculty

Proprietor: For the Love of Fit (

Author, Master Trainer:  AQX Aqua Fitness Leadership Excellence Course, AquaBility, AquaNatal, AquaStrength leadership training & certification courses

Co-author: AquaCycling and AquaTots leadership training & certification courses

AquaStretch™ Author and Facilitator-Trainer (

ATRI Faculty ( Tsunami Spirit Award winner (2014) for innovation in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation

Author: Prescription Laughter

Let's Connect:

Linkedin: Connie.Jasinskas



Visit and Like her FaceBook page: FortheLoveofFit

What others have been saying about this course:

Marianne Duschek

Yackuafitness 101

Excellent course! Clear, concise and informative! Great handout as well--Thanks!

Monique VanderLinden

You are not alone!

We all deal with a chatty crowd on occasion, some groups are worse than others. I found Yackuafitness a nice quick workshop with excellent tips. Comprehensive and good to have a few quizzes dispersed throughout to reinforce what you just read. Won...

Issac Dziak


To the point. Well done Connie!

Monica Marquis


Well done! Set up in small chunks of information. Great pictures and lots of relevant information. You are sure to learn more about your participants.

sylvie pouliot


With the challenges of teaching an aqua fitness class, having chatters in the class can be disturbing to others. I personally think this is a great way for us (as aqua fitness instructors) to learn about the different ways we can change the way w...

Lauren Rogers

Yackuafitness 101 a success!

This article provides both new and experienced instructors with applicable, simple and professional ways to address chatty participants. Thank you, Connie, for sharing your expertise and insight on a common challenge many of us are faced with.

Tamara Colaizzi

Great tips on how to capture your aqua fit participants' attention without the drama

Super simple tips for the novice instructor and great reminders for the veteran. Thank you for the free handout to use with participants. Tamara

Line Marr

Everyone is busy! Family or work demands may prevent you from continuing your personal growth in aqua fitness. The AQX program coming to my doorstep is the answer! We can all benefit from taking online courses to help us improve, stay current or l...

Tara Hayes

Yackuafitness 101

The course provides a complete analysis of the distracted participant which details the full perspective of the instructor, participant and fellow class participants. Excellent tips are provided which are easy to implement to induce a positive ch...

Barb Madsen

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