For the Love of Fit

Inspiring Leadership Excellence Since 1984


AquaFITness 101 - Taming Idle Talking

Solving the problem of distracting, unwanted aqua class conversations! Put the FIT back in aquaFITness.


Cue for Two Depths

Be a genius aqua fit instructor! Learn to cue both depths simultaneously. This win-win concept works for instructors, programmers, and participants!


SAS: Self-Assisted Stretch • Self-AquaStretch

Decrease tension and pain • Restore comfortable movement • Speed recovery • Solutions for water and dry land • Excellent for individuals, exercise instructors, trainers and therapists.


The Back Whisperer

Dr. Stuart McGill's groundbreaking research moves us away from curl-ups, hip flexion and trunk crunches. AQX aquatic core exercises show you how to safely, effectively, improve functional core strength.


Success Tips for Aquatic Clients

Immersion facts • Best practices • Power Posture • Useful videos, handouts & links • Great info for clients & health professionals.


AQX T4T is a private course for AQX Trainers • Included: adult education strategies • Proven learning activities • Reflect and practice your skills • Prepare for 1:1 coaching from your AQX Master Trainer.