Do You:

This certification course is appropriate for instructors of aquatic cycling classes and programs.

  • Want to teach group classes using aquatic cycles?

  • Need to understand how to properly fit aquatic cycles to participants?

  • Want to safely transport aquatic cycles in and out of your pool?

  • Need to provide your participants with excellent, enjoyable AquaCycling classes and programs?

  • Want to certify in AQX AquaCycling?

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Course Creators

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This course was created by skilled AquaCycling instructors who are also amazing AQX Trainers! They know how to get people moving in the water and how to help you deliver energetic, enjoyable AquaCycling classes. 

Line Marr is a legacy fitness instructor-trainer and AQX Master Trainer. She co-wrote the original AquaCycling manual. Line developed course teaching points and videos, and is frequently our model. Certified in land-based indoor cycling, Line's attention to detail and passion for the water made this course a perfect fit! 

Paulette Leblanc has extensive experience as an AquaCycling instructor and AQX Trainer. She worked with Line Marr to create many of the videos in this course and is lead Trainer for AquaCycling in eastern Canada.

Connie Jasinskas is your host for this online course. Founder of the AQX instructor training program, Connie has developed numerous training programs for aqua fitness instructors and therapeutic aquatics specialists.

Welcome to the course!